Romy Derman is a South African born jewelry designer, and sculptor, who lives and works in London. She makes one-off pieces of whimsical and feminine jewellery using a range of precious and semi-precious materials, textiles and intricate beadwork. The unusual combination of traditional and unconventional methods, strong colours, textures and asymmetry, creates inventive and balanced compositions with an idiosyncratic narrative.  Her bracelets and necklaces are highly collectable and very much "statement pieces" 

"All the beautiful things I see in nature have their influence over my choice of colour, shape and texture, and are an inspiration to express myself. The mixture of man made fibres and natural materials work well, this combination and its contrasts show how all materials have an inherent beauty. I feel that the abundance of materials available allows for endless ideas, and the jewellery is a three-dimensional form, a vision, experience or mood." 

Romy's work is sold in select galleries and stores worldwide.